Natural Balance Massages
Clinical and Relaxation Bodywork in Summersville, WV


Summersville, WV


Update as of 28FEB2016:

I will be doing massages at the Cameo Massages located at: 1308 Cherry St. Summersville, WV. To schedule a massage, please contact me via phone or email at: 304-619-5351 or




At Natural Balance Massages, it assists clients in improving their health and enhancing their wellbeing in a safe and professional enviroment.

I walk with the clients in their process of growth in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life.

Massage Therapy is a rapid growing industry in both spa and clinical settings, massages by Jared, combines the two worlds along with the Eastern and Western modalities in a holistic way. There is free consultation after every session to really get to know the client and their needs.

The core strength of my massages is perseverance. I believe in taking one step at a time towards the client's goals in their health along with their health team provider(s).