Summersville, WV


So my business is shut down as a massage clinic. However, I will still do massages as a hobby. Just got to find space for such. More to follow. 




At Natural Balance Massages, it assists clients in improving their health and enhancing their wellbeing in a safe and professional enviroment.

Natural Balance Massages walks with the clients in their process of growth in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life.

Massage Therapy is a rapid growing industry in both spa and clinical settings, Natural Balance Massages combines the two worlds along with the Eastern and Western modalities in a holistic way. There is free consultation after every session to really get to know the client and their needs.

The core strength of Natural Balance Massages is perseverance. It believes in taking one step at a time towards the client's goals in their health along with their health team provider(s).

Natural Balance Massages is a sole proprietor ownership by Jared Suarez, LMT. Natural Balance Massages is a disabled combat veteran owned business.






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